Having a babysitter can give you peace of mind.  It allows you to leave your child with someone you trust.  Be sure your babysitter knows about fire safety.  Be sure your babysitter knows what to do if there is a fire.


A scald injury can happen at any age.  Children, older adults and people with disabilities are especially at risk.  Hot liquids from bath water, hot coffee and even microwaved soup can cause devastating injuries.  Scald burns are the second leading cause of all burn injuries.


The Fire Chief is looking for a few good Men and Women.  Have you ever wondered who responds when there is a 9-11 fire or medical emergency?  The answer is:  It’s People Just Like You!

Firefighter Nick Rama Awarded Certificate of Commendation

We are proud today to celebrate Firefighter Nicholas Rama. While at work, Rama’s co-worker was injured. Nick performed life-saving first aid.

Mount Pleasant Dump Fire

This past weekend your Briarcliff Manor’s bravest was at it again.  The Briarcliff Manor Fire Department was requested to respond to the area of Chappaqua Rd and Carleton for a smell of smoke on Saturday July 10.