Scarborough Engine Company

The Company traces its start to February 3, 1972, when the Village Board passed a resolution officially establishing the Scarborough Engine Company.  This followed a decision from the State of New York over the relationship that the Village had with the Scarborough Fire District dating Back to 1929.  The State ruled the agreement was not valid and had to be terminated.  There had Also been a dispute between the Village and the Fire District over water rates for fire hydrants.

The company held its first meeting with 6 charter members, mostly from the old Scarborough Fire Company and named Russ Ogden as Captain and David Crowley as Lieutenant.  The Engine they were given was a 1948 Mack pumper that was housed in the garage at the Scarborough Presbyterian Church on Scarborough Road.  Meetings were held at the main firehouse in Briarcliff.

The planning process was begun for a new firehouse and Engine for the company.  In the fall of 1974 the company moved into its new quarters located where we are today and a new 1974 Mack pumper was delivered just before Thanksgiving that year.  

The company continued to grow and prosper in its early years.  Innovation was something that our company has always been good at.  In the mid 70’s the company reached out to the Kings College and a number of members were brought into the company with several moving on to be officers in the department.  This relationship would last until the college closed.

Over the years the company has been proactive in training and the changing world.  When the ambulance corp. was looking for ways to bring more members in, the company opened its membership to ambulance only members.  The department had a explorer post and the company led the process to lower the age of members in the department to the age of 16.  These changes have led to a better and more active department.  One of our junior members, Jeff Bassett would rescue an older gentleman from a house fire on Apple Lane.

In 1996 the company replaced the 1974 Mack with a 1996 Pierce Rescue Pumper.  In 2009 the construction of an updated and larger firehouse was begun and the company now operates out of this building.  In the fall of 2018 the company place in service a new Pierce Rescue Pumper.

Four members of the company would move on to become Chiefs of the Department.  David L. Crowley, James Y. Snedecor, Thomas B. Gustin, and William Macintosh. As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2022, the company is proud of the legacy we have build and the dedication of the people who have served with us over the years.