Briarcliff Fire Company

In the fall of 1906 after several meetings with the Village Board,  a group of men led by

Mr. Fred Messinger (one of the founders of the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department) agreed that a reorganization of the department was needed and a new company was created to succeed the Briarcliff Steamer Company.

On October 27 at 1PM the committee met in the offices of Walter W. Law and the Briarcliff Fire Company was born.  There were eleven members present and eight members absent.  At another special meeting, Mr. Sherman O. Dennis was named as President and Mr. Fred Messinger was named as Foreman.

In 1913, the Village was growing and the residents approved a bond issue for a new motorized fire apparatus and also a new municipal building.  An American Lafrance 750 gallon per minute truck was purchased.  In the summer of 1914 the company moved into the newly constructed fire headquarters that would be our home until 1963.

In the summer of 1936 the Company requested a special meeting with the Board of Trustees asking them to consider forming the company into three separate companies.  This led to the creation of the ladder company and also an increase in membership.

During WWII, many of the Village’s firefighters were serving in the Armed Forces.  In response to the lack of able-bodied firefighters at home, in 1943 the Village lowered the membership age to 16 and nine high school boys joined the department.

In 1963 the department moved into its current quarters located a few doors down from the old Firehouse, which serves now as a restaurant and offices.  The new building also houses the Village offices and Police Headquarters.  In 1997, in order to keep up with the needs of modern firefighting a Rescue truck was placed in service to better serve the community.

As we move into the roaring 20’s, the company has continued to expand and grow with the ever-changing demands that are required for today’s firefighting needs.  Under the dedicated leadership of our officers we continue to operate 2 high capacity Pumper trucks and a modern Rescue Truck.  We have also recently added an ATV unit to allow us to access trails and other hard-to-get-to places.