Live Fire Training

October 6, 2023

Last Saturday, the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department hosted a Live Fire Training class for its volunteer members.  If you passed by the Fire House you probably noticed the training trailer and all the smoke emanating from it.

Live Fire Training is an invaluable experience in educating firefighters to think clearly, react calmly and act efficiently in stressful emergency situations.

Simulation Training is a great technology allowing firefighters to train on incidents that cannot easily be replicated or are too hazardous for in-person live burn action.

A few of the topics the participating volunteers learned was why flashover occurs and what they can do to prevent it.  They also learned how to ventilate a structure properly and how it can prevent excessive property damage.

It was a great opportunity for listening and following the experienced instructors’ explanations which helped everyone to gain a better understanding of fire behavior and appropriate tactics.

Below are a few pictures from the training session.

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