BMFD Attends Honor Flight for Joe Lalak

May 21, 2022

The BMFD attended the Honor Flight send off on the morning of 5/21/22 to show support for one of our own veterans, Joe Lalak.   Joe saw the specially placed BMFD Tower Ladder 40 Truck as he and the other 63 veterans entered the hangar area to get  ready to board their flight.

Joe is a Korean War veteran and has been a member of BMFD for over 50 years.  Joe is also a long time Scoutmaster and still organizes the annual BMFD/Boy Scout whitewater rafting trip.

Honor Flights give veterans a chance to fly to Washington DC to view the memorials for the military conflicts in which they participated.  After the visit, they get a great meal and are flown home the same day.  Hudson Valley Honor Flights has been around for about 10 years and today flew their 2000th veteran to DC with the private support of individuals and a lot of support from ShopRite Supermarkets.