Message from the Chief – Fire Pit Safety

October 13, 2023

Now that the weather is cooling down or about to, many households have or maybe are thinking of purchasing a Fire Pit.

The Fire Chief would like to provide some safety guidelines for you to follow when using a Fire Pit:

  • Don’t use flammable fluids to start fires.
  • Burn only clean, untreated wood (or gas in a gas-fired fire pit).
  • Ensure an adequate suppression source is readily available.
  • Only a commercially designed and manufactured freestanding outdoor fireplace or fire pit in good repair should be used.
  • Care should be taken that at least a three foot perimeter from the fire should be kept clear of flammable materials. This includes dry grass or brush, furniture, branches, hedges, etc.
  • The fire pit should be 20 feet from any structure or flammable source.
  • Never place a fire pit under a roof, overhang, or low-hanging branches.
  • Adults should never leave a fire unattended.

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