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Real Property Tax Law § 466-A, which was signed into law on December 9, 2022 by Governor Hochul, allows all local governments, including School Boards, to provide a 10% exemption on the assessed valuation of primary residences for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers. The exemption, is not automatic and requires action by the local government to enable it. 

We are asking for the support of our neighbors. The nationwide trend of declining volunteerism, illustrates a significant risk to communities relying on these services. Despite an increase in emergency calls and a decrease in the availability of responders, the proactive nature of the property tax exemption is presented as crucial tool for recruitment and retention of well-trained volunteers. 

While we acknowledge that this property tax exemption  comes with an estimated tax increase due to the exemption’s reallocation to non-volunteer property owners and businesses, the annual cost is fractions of what it would cost if the BMFD became a fully paid department. 

The estimated total exemptions for Briarcliff Manor School District would amount to $62,721 in assessed value. The Ossining School Board estimates these exemptions total $114,300 in assessed value.

The estimated annual cost to operate a paid fire department in the Village of Briarcliff Manor is as much as $20,000,000. 

In addition to the thousands of hours our volunteers spend responding to Fire and EMS calls, we also spend hundreds of hours voluntarily providing services to the school district, include significant educational contributions, support for school events, and prompt response to emergency calls at schools and district offices. 

Our appeal underscores the importance of community values and traditions upheld by volunteer services and calls for the adoption of the property tax exemption to help ensure the sustainability of volunteer emergency services in the Village of Briarcliff Manor. 

The deadline for 2025 exemption is March 1, 2024. 

Please voice your support of your neighbors and members of the BMFD to the Briarcliff Manor and Ossining School Boards.

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Chief Uyterlinde’s Letter to the Briarcliff Manor School Board