Message from the Chief – Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 8, 2023

The Fire Chief would like to remind everyone that this Sunday (3/10) we set our clocks ahead one hour (Spring Ahead).  Also, it is the time to replace the batteries in your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

If your detectors go off, GET OUT of your house and then call the Fire Department by dialing 911.

House fires are a serious danger. Many fatalities occur during fires at night, in homes that either don’t have a smoke detector or have a non-functional one installed.

Maintaining your smoke detectors properly can cut the chances of dying in a house fire significantly.

Check the battery type:  Installing the new batteries incorrectly, or using the wrong type, will cause your smoke detector to not function.  Always make sure you are using the correct type of battery and installing the batteries correctly to ensure the detector will work.

  • Detectors that use lithium batteries will last for ten years. You generally cannot replace the battery, instead, replace the entire detector after its ten year life span is expired.
  • Many detectors will make use of a 9v battery. However, some may require different types of batteries.
  • Use high quality, long lasting batteries. Using rechargeable or low quality batteries may cause your smoke detectors to fail.

Open the battery compartment and install the new battery: To access the battery, you will have to remove the cover that contains it.  Exactly where the battery is located, and how it is secured, will vary from model to model.  Generally, once you remove the cover of the detector, you will be able to see where the battery is located without trouble.

Test the batteries:  Before you reinstall the smoke detector, you will want to make sure that the batteries are working properly.  Locate and utilize the button on your smoke detector that will test the batteries.

  • The location of the test button will vary.
  • Most test buttons require you to press the button for a few seconds to engage the test.
  • If successful, the alarm will sound.

Double check if the test fails:  If the alarm doesn’t sound during the test of the batteries, you will need to recheck them.  Never reinstall your smoke detector until it passes this battery test and has demonstrated that it is functioning properly.

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