Message from the Chief – Lithium Batteries

January 20, 2023

The Fire Chief would like to remind you of a few simple Safety Tips to follow when using Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries supply power to many kinds of devices including smart phones, laptops, scooters, e-cigarettes, smoke alarms, toys, and even cars. Take care when using them.  In rare cases, they can cause a fire or explosion.  These need to be disposed of properly through the Westchester Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF).  An appointment is necessary, please call (914) 813-5425.

Safety Tips

  • Purchase and use devices that are listed by a qualified testing laboratory.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Only use the battery that is designed for the device.
  • Put batteries in the device the right way.
  • Only use the charging cord that came with the device.
  • Do not charge a device under your pillow, on your bed or on a couch.
  • Keep batteries at room temperature.
  • Do not place batteries in direct sunlight or keep them in hot vehicles.
  • Store batteries away from anything that can catch fire.

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